What is HandyFix?

For nearly 20 years AgeUK Lambeth have been helping older and less able people across the borough to stay safe and comfortable in their homes. Now we’re in a position to extend our handyperson service out to everyone in the borough through our new Handyfix service. Some of our packages listed below are funded or subsidised by the council to people with disabilities, those aged 55+ and carers but we’re now also offering a reasonably priced handyperson service to everyone, to help you get those jobs you’ve been putting off done.

Why use us?

  • We know what’s we’re doing – we’ve got 20 years of handyperson experience behind us and all our handyfix staff are fully trained.
  • Our prices are competitive.
  • You know you’re in safe hands – we pride ourselves on high quality work and all our jobs are fully guaranteed.
  • Our staff are all DBS checked.
  • When you book us for one job you get us for the whole hour, so you can make a list of those annoying jobs to give us.
  • All our profits go back into supporting AgeUK Lambeth’s vital work.

We might not be able to build an extension but for all those irritating, can’t be bothered ‘we’ll do them next weekend type jobs’, we’re here!


We offer several packages to help keep you safe and happy in your home. Lambeth funded services are only available to Lambeth residents.

A hospital ward

Hospital 2 Home Package

The Handyfix team work closely with AgeUK Lambeth’s Hospital2Home support worker to make sure patients being discharged can get home safely.

The Handyfix Team Will

  • Move furniture
  • Install key safes
  • Put up grab rails
  • Complete a full safe house check


Fully funded by the London Borough of Lambeth.


Referral only via the AgeUK Lambeth Hospital2Home worker.

A smoke alarm

Home Safety Package

We want all vulnerable homeowners and tenants to remain safe at home. The Handyfix team can offer a thorough check of your home.

The Handyfix Team Will

  • Undertake a full consultation of the home
  • This includes our Fall Prevention checks
  • Check safety including lightbulbs and smoke detectors
  • The team will QUOTE for any parts required

Part Funded

Assessment and labour is funded by the London Borough of Lambeth. You only pay for parts which we will give you a quote for before we go ahead. Smoke alarms are free if required.


Call 0207 346 6806 or contact us to arrange an appointment.


General Jobs

We can also do many other small jobs around the house. We book by the hour so we can do as many jobs as we can fit in the time you’ve booked us for.

Part Funded

Our prices for over 55’s

Hanydyfix jobs:

£15.00 an hour – Anyone ON means test benefits

£25.00 an hour – Anyone NOT means test benefits


£20.00 an hour


£15 per hour

Free jobs – there is a charge for materials

  • Light bulbs

  • Grab rails

  • Key safes

Our prices for under 55’s

Handyfix – £50.00 an hour

Anyone on means test benefits – £25.00 an hour


£20.00 an hour for disabled people, we do not offer gardening to people who are not over 55 or disabled.


£15.00 an hour for disabled people, we do not offer cleaning to people who are not over 55 or disabled.


Call 0207 346 6806 or contact us to arrange an appointment.

Jobs we can do

  1. (A) denotes needs assessment before confirming whether job can be done
  2. (B) denotes needs Quote given and agreed before work commences


  • Tiling/grouting/sealants (small areas)
  • Clearing guttering (1st storey) (A)
  • Minor repairs to fencing/gates
  • Changing a plug/fuse
  • Fitting a new shower head/riser
  • Fixing kitchen cupboards/doors
  • Making doors easier to close/adjusting doors
  • Fixing curtail rails or hanging curtains/pictures
  • Putting together flat-pack furniture/putting up shelves
  • Setting up a new TV/free view box
  • Fixing doorbells
  • Changing light bulbs/light fittings/fuses
  • Snow clearing
  • Installing draught proofing on doors/windows, fitting letterbox brushes etc
  • Fixing/changing a toilet seat
  • Loft clearance (to enable loft insulation)
  • Installing signage (e.g. for dementia)

Safety and Security

  • Changing door locks (Q)
  • Fitting door chains/spyholes (security)
  • Fitting keysafes
  • London Bars
  • Window Locks
  • Clearing overgrown paths/leaves
  • Building/fitting a step (A)
  • Fitting a stair-rail, handrail, grabrail
  • Fitting smoke alarms (FREE) /CO2 detectors (CHARGED)
  • Fixing loose carpets
  • Moving furniture about
  • Putting up safety film on glass doors
  • Levelling uneven slabs (e.g. 5-6 slabs)
  • Removing furniture
  • Small painting jobs
  • Changing a cracked wash-basin (A)
  • Fitting security lighting
  • Flood support
  • Re-felting shed roofs


  • Adjusting leaky taps/fixing washers
  • Changing taps (A)
  • Bleeding radiators

Jobs we can’t do

  • Fitting dog/cat flap on wooden door (Police advise this compromises home security)
  • Installing intercoms and telecare
  • Changing a plug socket
  • Changing light fittings
  • Installing loft insulation
  • Building a ramp/steps with a grabrail to get in and out of the house (mobility)
  • Tiling larger areas/grouting tiles
  • Rubbish removal (cost prohibitive)
  • Clearing guttering 2nd level
  • Tree removal

Contact Us

You can call us on 0207 346 6806, email your job requests to hello@handyfix.org.uk or fill in the contact form below.

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